Deborah Cox - Greatest Hits

Coleção de hits da grande cantora de R&B, DEBORAH COX, comemorativo por seus 15 anos de carreira (2010):

2.Who Do U Love
3.Where Do You Go from Here
4.Sound of My Tears
5.Just Be Good to Me
6.Nobody's Supposed To Be Here
7.It's Over Now   
8.We Can't Be Friends (ft. RL)
9.Mr Lonely (Hex Mac Mix)
10.Same Script, Different Cast (ft. Whitney Houston)
11.Up And Down (In And Out)
12.Play Your Part   
13.Things Just Ain't The Same
14.The Morning After
15.Beautiful U R   
16.Did You Ever Love Me
17.Absolutely Not
18.Leave The World Behind (Bonus Track)



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